How Has Terrorism Impacted The Police Mission In The U.S.? What Disagreements Exist Regarding The Appropriate Law Enforcement Behavior Which Fights Terrorism But Maintains Personal Liberties? What Role Does Social Stigma Play In Police Ethics? Give S


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Not quite sure what youre asking here but anyway terrorism plays a huge part in US law enforcement now a days with so many terrorist groups out here hiring all types of people to work for them in one fashion or another and then we have Obama protecting the civil rights of illegal immigrants coming into this country and whatever ele he has done to make a street officers job more dangerous and harder. The American people are actually behind giving police officers more power to do their job and end the illegal immigration problem but Obama is against it, probably due to possible loss of votes for Democrats in an election year. But if youre going to have laws and hire people to enforce them then give them the means and authority to do their job the best and safest way possible and don't worry about cost. And then get the DAs and Ags and the courts to hold up their end and forget plea bargaining because some DA doesnt want to do their job and lets get the US back where it belongs one way or the other and get rid of career life long Politicians that stand in the way of our Constitution and what it stands for

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