What are the effects of fashion on youth?


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The effects of fashion on youth is to spend too much money and time in going after it.
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The effects of fashion on youth is being materialistic and constantly buying new clothes to look good.
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The effect of fashion on youths is good and bad. In some case it is good and for other case it is bad. The good effect is that they got the knowledge what to wear when and how to wear it. Ya one of the bad effect is buy clothing a lot. But their are some online shopping sites that provide a good discount. And they also provide upcoming fashion on their web pages. Any changes in fashion will first update on online shopping sites like shop.addresschic. They also provide vegan clothing which is also a upcoming fashion.

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As well as the financial effects of getting too involved in fashion, a student who spends his or her time worrying about the latest trends and styles is being diverted from the primary objective of a student that is study. To with addiction towards fashion can bring out unpleasant social rejection resulting from fashionable elegance which derives from both personal choices and strongly economic aspects.

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