For a holiday party, Kathleen is making a six-layer torte, which consists of six 10-inch diameter cake layers with a cream topping on each layer. She knows that one recipe of cream will cover 50 square inches of cake. How many batches of the topping?


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Each layer has an area of
  area = (π/4)d^2
  area = π/4*10^2 = 25π ≈ 78.5 (square inches)
The total area of 6 layers will be about
  total area = 6*78.5 in^2 = 471 in^2
The number of batches required is
  (number of batches) = (total area)/(area/batch) = 471/50 = 9.42
Kathleen will need to whip up 10 batches of cream topping.

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