Do Women Like Watching Guy/guy Scenes, Nearly As Much As Most Guys Like Watching Girl/girl Stuff ?


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Can't speak for others,because I like guy,girl stuff it is opposites attracts for me, no guy,guy stuff no girl,girl stuff....hope this helps    
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Anonymous commented
I prefer the ole "man on top, get it over with quick" myself. Then a nap and the world is good. I also rated your answer; with a name like bgirl I'd have to question your gender too.
nettie commented
I thought that question quite funny also,and wonder now about what sex you are as I took it you are male but I could be wrong,we all make mistakes,so you can answer what sex you really are raunchyman or woman.........
nettie commented
Read my profile,I'm 100 percent woman,just as the one that got you here darn sure could not have been man,what do you think??????
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I don't care to watch any of it really even if it is girl/guy.... Guy on guy sounds gross and so does girl on girl.... Just my opinion though and that's not the way it is for all....
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Sarah answered
I'd rather do it than watch it! (Well, girl/girl or guy/girl - obviously I can't do guy/guy.)
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Guy on guy is hot to me and girl on girl is icky
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carlee rogers answered
Honestly girl on girl is a bigger turn on for me. Women have more of a sensual and sexy side. A side of pureness, and lust that guys just can't acquire since they are masculine.
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It doesn't turn me on but I have watched it just to see what they do to each other just watched it out of curiosity
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I'm a girl and I think guy on guy is hot and  girl on girl is the most grossest thing
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Haha. I'm a girl. Girl/girl-hot. Girl/guy-hot. I've never seen guy on guy but I'd imagine it to be hot. I'm also with a that's why :D
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brandy macrae answered
No no no no not at alll guys like girl on girl because they think its hott and sexy and everything but girls seeing 2 guys would just walk away or somthing
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MaDeLyN KiLLa answered
Um... Lol I prefer girls and girls and guys and girls its all pretty sexy but to guys... I don't know never seen it happen really lol
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Yes and noo, a lot of girls find it hott and yet at the same time a lot of girls think its sick like me I can watch guys kiss and grab each other but thats about it I can't watch them go all the way
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I wold say no. If any one is going to get a good looking sausage it better be a girl. Men on men is a waste of good meat.
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Lianna Lins answered
O my god, no. Watching guy/guy is too gross to think about....even girl/girl is a little strange to watch for me. Guy/girl is naturally best.
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Da Neen Da Mean answered
I thought guy/guy would be hot but I was too concerned about the neck bandanas they were wearing. So no it wasn't hot...
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I prefer doing the action rather then watching it. And No, That's some sick stuff. Guy/Guy action. Geerrrr-Rossss!!!
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Dude! That is so sick! If its not guy/girl than it is just so totally wrong! And I'm a girl!
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It is all crap...Why can't people just be what we use to call NORMAL.? People with morals.
Go ahead, let the government bring you down. Then they can make you depressed and start you on pills then CONTROL you.Screw, lick. All you want. It's a free country. Pay the price in your older years.

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