New urban expressways cost up to $____ million per mile while rail and bike facilities cost on average $15 million and $0.1 million, respectively?


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New urban expressways cost up to $100 million per mile, whilst rail and bike facilities cost on average $15 million and $0.1 million per mile respectively. It is clear than expressways in America are more expensive to build than passageways for trains or bikes. This could mean the construction of less car facilities and more facilities for transport via bike or train. However, there are also other factors to be considered in the making of this decision. For instance, how effective each method of transport each, and how much it costs on a daily basis for a person to commute in such as way.

  • Travel by car
Traveling by car is usually the most convenient way in which to travel. A car can be driven directly from the home of an individual to their final destination. In addition, a car allows for a large amount of storage room and travel for around four other passengers. However, with rising fuel prices, it seems likely that traveling by car will soon become the most expensive option. In addition, it is detrimental to the environment, causing both gas and noise pollution.

  • Travel by train
Traveling by train can be highly effective if you are looking to commute relatively large distances. If the train is used by an individual regularly, loyalty deals can make it a reasonably cheap form of transport. However, these advantages do not apply to everyone. Many locations are not close to a train station, and train travel may need to be used in conjunction with another method of transport. Additionally, trains to major cities tend to be incredibly expensive.

  • Bike travel
Bike travel is doubtlessly the cheapest way to travel, as well as the healthiest - cycling is a great form of exercise. Traveling by bike is also highly beneficial to the environment as bikes do not produce pollution. Of course, bikes aren't suitable for those who need to travel long distances each day. But anyone who does have the opportunity to travel by bike should take advantage of this to reap the enormous benefits it provides.

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