How to write a promissory note to my son tuition fee?


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Tuition fees are very expensive, especially in college. In cases wherein you can’t pay on time and your son has an exam, you have no choice but to write a promissory note indicating that you’ll pay afterwards when you already have the money. Writing the promissory note is easy; you just need to include all important details such as the reason why you can’t pay and when you can pay the tuition fee.

Schools are very strict when it comes to tuition fees. They would often ask for a down payment in order for your child to be enrolled. You have to pay your remaining balance before the semester ends otherwise your child won’t be permitted to take the final exam.

But what happens when you don’t have enough cash to pay for tuition fees? Thankfully, most schools allow their students to take the final exam despite the fact that they still have fees to pay provided that their parents or guardian write a promissory note addressed to the one in charge of collecting tuition fees.

It’s not so hard to write a promissory note especially if you already have an idea on what to say. Just like any letter or formal note, you have to include all important parts.

One of the first things to include is the date when you wrote the letter so the receiver knows it’s up to date. You also need to include the name and title or position of the person you’re giving the promissory note to.

The most important part of your promissory note is the body. Here you have to write your reason/s why you can’t pay on time. Be honest and make sure you have an acceptable reason for not paying. Of course, it’s imperative that you state the date when you can pay your balance.

Write your name and sign the promissory note before sending or giving it personally.
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They tend to be quite similar whatever the topic is. If you click here you will find some good guidelines on writing a promissory note. You have to explain what the transaction is, give the relevant payment dates and so on. You can download and print some promissory note forms online.

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