Her eye at point p looks into the mirror which of the numberd cards can she see reflected in the mirror?


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This question is impossible to answer, as we don't know which numbered cards she is looking at - therefore, it's impossible to say which card will be in her eye line when she stares into a mirror. Also, Point P is a mystery to us - in order to solve this question logically, we'd need a diagram or picture of the girl in question, and we'd need to know where Point P is assigned, and which numbered cards are visible in the looking glasses reflection. As it is, there are simply too many pieces of this puzzle missing, and we can't even hazard a guess as to which numbered card she will see at Point P when she looks into the mirror.

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If we knew what Point P represented, and we knew which numbered cards were visible in the looking glass, we might be able to give you a pretty fair guess as to which card she was seeing. Unfortunately, with these blanks yet to be filled it, it's just not reasonable to answer this question, because there is nothing to base a guess on. We could pull a number out of the air, but it wouldn't be right.

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