What Is The Role Of Statistics And Computer Science In Business Administration And Management Profession?


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Statistics's application Statistical techniques being powerful tools for analyzing numerical data, are used in almost every branch of learning. 
 In all areas, statistical techniques are being increasingly used, and are developing very rapidly.
A modern administrator whether in public or private sector leans on statistical data to provide a factual basis for decision.
A politician uses statistics advantageously to lend support and credence to his arguments while elucidating the problems he handles.
A businessman, an industrial and a research worker all employ statistical methods in their work. Banks, Insurance companies and Government all have their statistics departments. 
A social scientist uses statistical methods in various areas of socio-economic life a nation. It is sometimes said that “a social scientist without an adequate understanding of statistics, is often like the blind man groping in a dark room for a black cat that is not there”. 

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