Can I get a hindi essay on Independence day?


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  • Where to find one

Have a look at this site, as it contains many essays in Hindi on Independence Day, all of which are free to download and use as a guide in writing your own, or as background research: .

  • About Hindi Independence Day

India's Independence Day, which is on the August the 15th, is the day in which the people of the country celebrate its independence from Britain's rule, and becoming a sovereign nation themselves, which occurred in 1947.

Taken as a national holiday, people all over India honour the day by having flag-hoisting ceremonies, although the main event occurs in India's capital city, Delhi, where their Prime Minister gives a speech, which is live on television for all to watch, as well as hosts the national flag too.

This speech is not just about the country's history though, as it contains a talk upon what the economy and government has successfully gained and achieved since the last ceremony, as well as an inspirational reminder on what has yet to be done to improve the country further. 

There are many other ways in which the people of India celebrate this important event in their history, including huge parades, in which many people may take part as way to show them coming together as a nation.

Family reunions are also common during this time, as it is a reminder of all of the contacts  each person has, and brings about a sense of acceptance and forgiveness for what may have occurred in the past. It is a day where families feel the need to be together so that they may join in the festivities that it brings as one unit.

Patriotic songs are often heard in celebration, and there are many kite flying competitions held, and picnics.

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