What Are The Different Types Of Musical Instruments?


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There are five basic types of musical instrument, into which nearly all instruments can be classified. Some instruments belong to several groups, and almost all instruments can be electrified and therefore could belong in the electrophone group. Instruments such as the piano could be classed as a percussion, stringed and in the shape of a keyboard or E-piano, electronic instrument.

1. Drums (membranophones)
- These instruments generate their sound by a vibrating membrane, such as a drum skin. They are a form of percussion instrument and are played by striking the membrane. Examples include bass drums, tom toms and snare drums.

2. Percussion (Idiophones)
- Idiophones are percussion instruments which do not use membranes such as a drum skin to produce their sound. Instead they produce noise by the instrument itself vibrating. Most percussion instruments which are not drums are idiophones, such as wood blocks, xylophones and maracas.

3. Wind instruments (Aerophones)
- Aerophones produce sound by vibrating columns of air without the use of a membrane or strings. This category includes both brass and woodwind instruments. Examples are clarinet, trumpet, pipe organ and tuba.

4. Stringed instruments (Chordophones)
- Stringed instruments use vibrating strings strung between two points to produce their sound. The string can be plucked, strummed, bowed, or struck with a hammer to achieve this. Examples include violin, guitar, piano and banjo.

5. Electronic instruments (Electrophones)
- Electronic instruments produce their sound through the amplification of an audio signal. Electronic instruments can encompass many different groups, for example an electric guitar is both a stringed and electronic instrument. They are extremely useful for the manipulation of an instrument's sound to create effects which would not be possible from an acoustic instrument. Examples include synthesizers, electric guitars and drum machines.
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A musical Instrument is basically a device which is constructed for the sole purpose of making music. Anything which can produce a sound is often termed as a musical instrument.

Musical Instruments can have four different types based on their making and construction. These are:

- Brass: Music is produced through vibration of the lips as a person blows into the tubular resonator.

- Woodwinds: This kind of instrument produces a sound when air is blown against an edge or an opening.

- Strings: This kind of instrument produces sound by vibration of strings.

- Percussion: It can produce music without being hit with an implement, such as Piano. Keyboard etc.
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There are different types of musical instruments which are categorized by the way that they generate sound. Some of the different types of musical instruments are Wind instruments, Lamellaphones, Percussion instruments, String instruments, Voice, Electronic instruments and Keyboard instruments.

The Wind instruments produces a noise when a line of air is made to quiver within them. Some of the main wind instruments are clarinet, bagpipes and flute.

The Lamellaphones produce a thud by the plucking of lamellas prepared from diverse materials. The famous Lamellaphones instrument is Mbira.

Percussion instruments create resonance, with or devoid of pitch, as soon as struck. Some of the famous examples of Percussion instruments are drums, bells and cymbals.

String instruments like guitars, violins and sitars make a sound once the string is plucked, strummed, slapped, etc.

Electronic instruments like synthesizers and generate sound with the help of electronic means.

The last type of instrument is the Keyboard instruments, which are played with a musical keyboard.
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There are TONS of different musical instruments. For starters you have your basic band instruments which consist of woodwinds, brass, and percussion. The woodwinds in basic bands include flutes, clarinets, bass clarinets, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and the baritone saxophone.

All woodwind instruments use a reed which you must get wet with saliva before you play. Then it gets put on the mouth piece and you blow air through it to produce a sound. The reed must be in good condition with no cracks or chips.

The basic brass instruments are the trumpet, tuba, and trombone. As you may have guessed, most of these are traditionally made of brass. Each of these have a mouthpiece where you must "buzz" your lips to make a sound. There is a basic overview.

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