How Long Ago Did Neanderthals Live?


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Its generally accepted that Neanderthals went extinct at the end of the last ice age around 30 thousand years ago.
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Here is some good info you might find useful(:

WHO: An extinct human species (Homo neanderthalensis) or subspecies (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis)
What: An individual belonging to this species or subspecies. Neanderthal adults stood about 5 feet 4 inches (165 centimeters) tall. They had robustly built bones and muscular bodies. Neanderthal skulls were large and differed from those of modern people by having a large, projecting face; a low, inclined forehead; and a brow ridge, a raised strip of bone across the lower forehead. The Neanderthal jaw also lacked a chin. They survived on the environment around them; they made tools that helped them make clothing, shelters and hunt game.
WHEN: According to scientific research, they were to exist during the late Pleistocene Epoch.
WHERE: Evidence shows that they resided throughout most of Europe and parts of Asia and northern Africa.
WHY: Humans have survived existence for thousands of years, why we are here we may never know-but we can be assured that our specimen has only made it this long because of our initiative to explore and adapt as human beings.
My sources: Mann, Alan E. "Neanderthals." World Book Online Reference Center. 2009. [Place of access.] 6 April 2009
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The Neanderthals live way before we knew time. Like Lucy. People were apes back then.

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