What Is A Musical Chord?


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A chord is a collection of two or more notes that are being played simultaneously. The word chord is a short form of accord, taken from the Middle English word cord.

The main types of chord are minor and major chords. When the notes of a chord are played in succession and not simultaneously, they are known as arpeggios.

The most common chords are known as triads.

In a major triad the chord consists of the root note (first note) the third note and the fifth note of the scale. The third note determines whether a chord is a major or minor. For example, the chord C major consists of the root, third and fifth of the C major scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C). Which means in a C major chord the notes C E and G are played together.

Apart from the Major and Minor chords, there are also numerous other types of chord, all of which are built from the root note and its scale.

Types of Chords
- Major triad

- Minor triad

- Augmented triad

- Diminished triad

- Diminished seventh

- Half-diminished seventh

- Minor seventh

- Minor major seventh

- Dominant seventh

- Major seventh

- Augmented seventh

- Augmented major seventh

- Dominant ninth

- Dominant eleventh

- Dominant thirteenth

Playing different chords one after the other is known as a chord progression; and the chords in the progression are selected for their desired effect on the mood of the song. For example, more happier upbeat songs will tend to feature more major chords, whereas a melancholy song will have more minor chords.
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A Musical Chord is a collection of a certain amount of notes that are being collectively played together. A chord consists of three or more notes.

Chords mostly show the influence of European Music. A combination of three or more notes is known as a chord and a combination of Two Notes is known as Dyads or Intervals. The word chord is a short form of Accord; it has been taken from the Middle English word CORD. The chords are mainly divided in to two classes the Major chords and the Minor Chords.
The most common chords are A, G, D, E, F, and C. There are also certain progressions to these chords that are related to each other. Other chord varieties include the Augmented, Diminished, Added 9th, Added 7th and many more chord disambiguation's are available on the internet.
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A cord in  music is any set of harmonically-related notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously (a harmonic simultaneity).
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It is a group of notes (usually 3 or 4) played at once or like an 'arpeggio' (the notes of a  harmonious series being played quickly one after other), that harmonise a (short) phrase of the main melody (by soloist/s), such as "C chord" (C Major) : C+E+G (+C); "Fm chord" (F minor) : F+Ab+C (+F).

The most common chords have the 1st degree, the 3rd of it, the 5th, and commonly but not so necessarily the next higher 1st, which is its 8th degree (the same note, only sounding higher).

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