What is the equivalence formula of IBCC of A-Levels?


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If you are looking for the equivalence formula of IBCC to A Level grades, you need to consider several things. The IBCC is a group of people who set the equivalence formula for A Level, being the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen. The group set the standards for pupils in Pakistan who are looking to expand their qualifications to degree level or equivalent, after they have done their A Levels and received their results. For information on finding the equivalence formula, you can visit http://www.kims.edu.pk/a-level/ibcc-equivalence-formula/.

This website shows you exactly how the IBCC converts the A Levels into a qualification that is correct for Pakistani students wishing to go into Further Education. The benefits of going to university are incredibly vast and include:

  • Broadening job prospects

When you finish your A Levels, it is very tempting to just jump of the education ladder and instead, get a job. This is all well and good for a while, until you realize that your job prospects are nowhere near as wide as they would be if you were a graduate from your degree course. People who have done degrees get onto the career ladder at a much higher stage, meaning that they have learned more skills and can jump a good few rungs in a short space of time. You will learn skills that will prepare you for working life, with heavy focus on research and synthesis.

  • Broadening social horizons

University unleashes a wide range of social opportunities for people, allowing them to make friends that usually stick with them for life. Most people in university choose to move away from their home with their parents to live life independently on campus or in the nearby town. This usually involves living with a new bunch of people and having to get along with them on a daily basis, which can be challenging and rewarding for people.

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