Can You Give Me Names Of Chat Websites That Have Chat For The Elderly, Handicap, And Native Americans? I Am Not Interested In "Singles" Chat Or "Pick Up" Chat. Thank You - Gene


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I have found after many years on the internet there is not many clean chat sites out there but I do know of one that is just for women! They have nothing against men but some of them are happily married and they feel it's best for them to not chat with men on the internet. The easiest way to find their chat site is to just go to
and after that web page comes up there is a search box at the top of the page and just type women and then click go and when their chat site comes up on the directory (chat 4 MomsWivesWomen) just look for INSTANT PALACE and click on the words Instant Palace to go in on your web browser. They can tell you how to get the free software if you rather go in with the software where you can wear other avatars. There is no certain ages that go from what I hear their chat site is not about age but about friendship but remember it is just for women! By the way if their site does not come up after you put Women in the search box and click go it just means they are closed then.
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There are so many:  A few are
Senior Chat at

If you go to there is a wonderful article regarding this subject.

Hope this helps.

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