My 17 year old son smokes pot alot! He works and attends high school but I just know he is going to get in trouble with the law one of these days. I wish he would stop smoking. Any suggestions?


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Everyone is different I guess, I mean, I hate the ppl who smoke weed just to do it.
I on the other hand, use it towards my insomnia, as my uncle uses it for his bi-polar disorder, and my grandfather uses it to expand his creativity side for his architect career.
(I'm 19, a collage student, and get straight A's, and responsible)
but what I hate, is kids, who abuse the herb, and make ppl like me, my uncle, and my grandfather look down upon, for consuming the plant.

If your child is like that, tell him, to stop making a fool, out of himself, if he uses it for greater purposes, then have him be an adult and talk to you about it.
My mother knows and hates that I do it, but she also sees that I'm being a responsible adult who pays for all of my bills, and tuition as well.

Hope that helped at all.

Also on my behalf, may I reccomend a documentary, that will give you more info on cannabis.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High.
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Maybe he could start paying YOU rent money for help with the upkeep since he has money to spare on drugs. Maybe if he did and had to be responsible for some of his own upkeep he couldn't afford his dessert.

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Yes say if he don't stop you will kick him out and when he don't have any money and he comes back to you do the same thing over agin in till he stops!!!

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