Why Should We Study Diffusion And Osmosis?


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Osmosis and diffusion are concepts important to a number of scientific fields. They help us understand the way two substances interact with each other, and are relevant on a number of levels.

Why diffusion and osmosis are important
These two concepts look at the way that molecules intermingle.

Diffusion examines how kinetic or thermal energy affects this process, whilst osmosis is more focused on the concentration of molecules in two separate environments.

The principles of diffusion and osmosis affect the interaction of molecules in various contexts. Just think about the way molecules interact on a cellular level - this is a great example of how osmosis and diffusion apply to biology.

In fields like environmental science, the terms osmosis and diffusion can apply to things like the purification of water, and the way that elements collide and engage within the earth's atmosphere.

For more information on the principles of osmosis and diffusion, I'd recommend you take a peek at this BBC learning website.
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These are important since osmosis has to do with water purification and diffusion is about detection.

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