How does language separate us?


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Darcy Simons Profile
Darcy Simons answered
It's hard to understand where a person is coming from, what they mean, or where they stand on any issue if you have no idea what a person is saying.
suman kumar Profile
suman kumar answered
It seperates us in the way we speak, if we speak a common language English then not a problem.
Stacey Henderson Profile
Language unifies us because even though you can't understand them you can hire a translater and you can learn their language. Before you know it you will be best friends with someone at first you couldnt understand. It can separate you if you are  jerk and you don't want to look up the research to find out what language they are talking about and learn their language. If you are  mean enough to do that you might miss a good chance to have a best friend and learn another language.
hugh johnson Profile
hugh johnson answered
Communication is shared meaning between intelligences and requires feed back,if we speak different languages and no one understand anyone then there would.nt be a feed back. So we would end up separated together

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