What Things Are Commonly Made Using Bronze?


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Bronze is actually an alloy that is made up of copper and tin. It sometimes also contains phosphorous, manganese, aluminum and silicon. It is considered as a metal which is superior to iron based on its numerous uses. It is less brittle than iron and does not corrode. They are highly conductive of electricity and have deep drawing qualities in some cases.

It has a number of uses in industrial and home uses. It is used for structural metal aluminum bronze. It is a primary element used in alloying. It is the metal of choice when it comes to sculpture making. It is widely used for making bearings, clips, electrical connectors and springs.

It is also used for bearings and springs. Some forms of copper are used for making coins, springs, turbines and blades whereas some other forms are used for making screws and wires, hammers, mallets, wrenches etc.

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Bronze is very good for marine applications, so they make valves, port hole windows, hinges, and through-hull connectors out of bronze.  It has a superior ability to resist salt water corrosion.
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Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, commonly used for artistic sculptures.
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Die bronzezeit gab es von 2200 v. Chr. Bis 1200 v. Chr.
Bronze ist eine legierung aus kupfer und zinn
die eigenschaften sind das es nicht rostet und das es korrosionsbeständig ist.
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