Where can i read torment online by lauren kate?


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Sarah Devine answered
Torment by Lauren Kate is available online from a variety of sources. This simplest way to find it is to browse in your search engine though if you are searching for an e-book version, the most reliable sources are the likes of Amazon, Google or Sony.

  • Suggested websites
Google is a highly reliable and safe place to read books. It allows you to preview the book first before purchasing it similar to the Kindle. More information on this can be found at www.thereadingroom.com.

Onread.com is a fantastic site for online reading. Here you can register with a small payment and have access to thousands of books online. You can download the books straight to your computer once you have registered and this way, the author and owners are still making their money from it and you and your computer remain safe.

  • Illegal websites
It is illegal to download from illegitimate websites due to the copyright so by paying for the book, the chances of you receiving the right thing are higher. By finding and using illegal sites and downloading through places such as torrent downloading sites increase your chances of receiving a minor criminal record and a computer full of viruses.

  • Growing popularity
As online reading is becoming more and more popular, most book store websites have links to e-book stores and also sell and provide vouchers themselves. The best way to ensure you receive a legal and correct copy of an online book is to check with a popular retailer. They can show you the best deals and offer benefits for future buying.
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Amanda Wells answered
You can't read this book online. It is still in print and the author has to make a living. You could look in your local library, or buy it in a bookstore. It is also available online, and you can get a second hand copy quite cheap though don't forget you would also have to pay postage.

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