Why Statistics Is Important To A Research?


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Research is usually conducted into a theory or circumstance to try and prove fact or reach a conclusion on a subject. The study of the theory, material or discovery aims to find out more about the subject examined, to gain greater understanding of the matter at hand.

  • Why are statistics used?
Statistics are most often used in research as they tend to prove or give information on the subject being researched. The statistical evidence in research is key to making a conclusion of proving a theory. Without proven statistical evidence it is hard for research to be more than just a list of theories - statistics provide evidence that back up the subject and conclusion of the research, therefore making the research more important and poignant.

  • Examples of statistical research
A survey could be a good example of research that is done to gain statistics on a subject. For example, if a theory or statement is made that says 'more people buy apple than oranges' then a survey could be conducted to find out if this statement is true or not.

By asking people questions, and recording their answers, you will then be left with statistical evidence that will either support or deny the statement made. In this example, if you asked 100 people whether they would rather buy an apple or an orange and 70 people said that they would rather buy an apple, then you have proved the statement to be true.

The statistics would tell you that 70%, or seven out of 10 people, would rather buy an apple than an orange, making the above statement correct. Without these statistics you would not be able to prove the statement and it would be difficult to argue the truth of the statement. Statistics bring proof and clarity to research.
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Basically statistics is considered very important in research regardless of the type of experimental design and question of research. It helps in the manipulation of the variables in the research like movement of one variable when other is controlled. It also deals with the measurement and interpretation of the variables. Moreover, statistics is important in research because it covers three areas of research including description, inference and communication. A research gives more objective results and interpretations through statistical models, therefore statistics is considered very important in research work.
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If it isn't statistically significant, your research means nothing. You at least need to be able to show that your research results did not occur by chance.

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