How Do You Write A J In Cursive?


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The 11th character from the left on the second line of the picture is a cursive J.
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Start on the line with your pencil, then push the pencil to the left a little while going upward too, to make an arch going almost to the line above, circle back in a full loop coming back to the line, and then continue below the line with a straight side, and then when approaching the lower line, curve back up to the original that that you started at, having gone to the left to get back to the line. Hope this helps.
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Start at the base line, pull to the left and upward to make a loop, go below the base line, and loop back up to the base line. But make sure that you go straight down the right side of the letter so that it doesn't look like an 8. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Wow this is a hard one. Ewwwwwwwwww ummmmmmmm I can't do it on the computer duh
ok here goes J dang it.
...oh what the heck!

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