What Are Two Major Differences Between The Maya And Aztec Civilizations?


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10 Differences between Mayans and Aztecs:

1 .- temporality: The Aztec exprendor was after Maya, the Mayan culture existed but already well below the Mexican regime.

2 .- the language: The Mexican spoke Nahuatl, the Maya-speaking Mayan and depended on that part of the Maya area were

3 .- belief gods were different, while the Mexicas he called Quetzalcoatl the Maya called him Kukulcan.

3 .- the Aztecs were the most bloodthirsty Mayans. Aztec too resorted to human sacrifice but not so much the Mayans did.

4 .- different places to live. Mesoamerica is divided into different areas such as cultural, central highlands, the Gulf Coast, Maya area, oaxaca, West, Huasteca. The Aztecs lived in the area of the central highlands to many kilometers away d Elos Maya.

5.- political power: In their apogee, Aztec had control of almost all of Mesoamerica and therefore the Maya paid tribute to the Aztecs.

6 .- architecture: The Mayan construction materials: Limestone, basalt Aztec, riolita, andesite. Different constructions.

7 .- sculpture in stone, to find the Maya steles Representation of the rulers while LSO Aztecs have sculptures of their gods and rulers of one another myth.

8 .- type of writing (so to speak). Aztec codices are representing their gods and doing some human activity that denote something, the Maya mostly be used in many gerogrificos.

9 .- color: In the Aztecs did not use the Maya blue.

10 .- ceramics, the Aztec is black on orange, the Maya is very dferente is reddish, orange, brown, ....

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