__________ are evaluations of a particular person, behavior, belief or concept?


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Morals are said to be evaluations of a particular person's behavior, beliefs and concepts. These morals are the standards that an individual has that are used to evaluate and make judgment on different scenarios.

Morals differ from person to person and affect our thoughts on most things. Although morals differ greatly from person to person, some morals are deemed as 'correct' and socially acceptable in certain societies.

  • Morals and behavior
Behavior is determined by the morals that a person holds. For this reason, the morals of a person will be reflected in their behavior. These behavioral morals could range from breaking the law or to how you go about acting in a social situation.

People are constantly judged by their behavior and their morals will be judged as a reflection of this. There are many different values that people generally hold and these will be shown in the person's behavior.

  • Morals and belief
Morals are also evaluations of belief. These can be the moral norms that a person holds and how they are influenced by belief. Some people will hold strong morals against religious beliefs, and these will be reflected in their evaluations and tolerance to religion.

This will also be the case if someone holds strong morals about religious beliefs and see it as a crucial part of their life. They will evaluate the importance of belief higher than someone with different morals on the subject.

  • Morals and concept
Morals can be evaluations of concept. How something is seen and how a concept is understood by an individual will be down to their morals and their thoughts on a situation. You will find that people with different morals will have a different evaluation and judgment of a situation and will have different thoughts on what is morally right and wrong.

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