Give example of something having these distribution shapes: A)bimodal b)approximately rectangular c)positively skewed?


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Bimodal: The distribution of light output from automobiles (at night with lights on) as a function of viewing angle. (More light comes from front or back than from the side.)  Rectangular: The distribution of numbers obtained from the roll of a single fair number cube. (Each number tends to show about as often as any other.)  Positively skewed: The distribution of project completion times for projects having roughly the same complexity. (There tend to be a few projects that drag on and on.)
Rectangular distributions are often difficult to obtain directly. Rather, they are usually the result of a selection process that doesn't use items that are outside some range. In electronics, for example, components with a 0.1% tolerance may be selected from batches having a 1% or larger tolerance. Thus, the distribution of values will probably have a nearly rectangular shape.

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