1-how to write a verbal expression for the following algebraic expression: (3-b)xy?


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1. The product of x, y, and the difference of 3 and b.

2. You need to check the formulation of the problem. If you want the complement of  (y+20)+2, you are looking to evaluate the expression
  90 - ((y+20)+2)    (this is the expression for the complement of (y+20)+2
  = 90 - (y + 22)    (evaluate inside the outer parentheses)
  = 90 - y - 22    (use the distributive property)
  = 68 - y   (collect terms. This is the complement of the given angle.)

If you are going to leave in the units "degree", then you need to apply them everywhere they apply. It can be helpful to do that when the problem has mixed units that require conversion. Making sure the units come out right helps to make sure the math comes out right.
  90 degree - ((y+20) degree + 2 degree)
  = (68 - y) degree

The next step down the path you were taking is to subtract 20 from both sides.
  y degree + 20 degree = 88 degree
  y degree = 68 degree    (this will be true if the given angle measure is 90 degrees. It does not help you find the complement of the given angle.)
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Thx oddman...for #1 can u say the difference of 3 and b multiplied by the product of x and y . Or the product of x and y multiplied by the difference of 3 and b...
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The former could be interpreted as 3 - bxy. The latter is less ambiguous. The trick where both sums and products are involved is to very clearly and unambiguously identify the constituents of each.

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