To calculate density of gold is 15.47. If density of pure gold is 19.31 what is the % of 15.47 in 19.31?


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15.47 is 80.11% of 19.31 (I just used a calculator) - this does not mean that this is 80% pure gold.

For that to be true the other matter in the gold nugget would have to be weightless.

As I said in a previous answer, if you dangle a lump of lead in water and use this method to calculate the density, you will get a density of 11.34. That is 58% of 19.31. This clearly does not mean that your lump of lead is 58% pure gold.

As I also said before, you have to know what is in your lump of gold (besides the gold) to ascertain how pure it is using the density alone.

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