What do gummy bears do in a liquid? Also if I researched this what would I research? Gummy bears or what gummy bears do in liquid?


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The funny thing is that when gummy bears are exposed for a certain amount of time they become like jello as they absorb the water around it. When the gummy bear fills itself to thepeak it will look see-through. If you jiggle it within the waterbottle it will not break away as it is now like jello.
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To find the answer to any question by means of research, you can either look up what other people have done, or you can try it yourself.

I would take water and gummy bears and see what happens. Try cold water and hot water. Put the gunny bears in the water and see. If you want to try other liquids to make your research complete, use vegetable oil, milk, and apple juice, or other liquids.

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