How to do say 'you're beautiful' in your language?


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Kelly H. Profile
Kelly H. answered
Even though I speak fluent english I also know alittle spanish so to say "you're beautiful" in spanish would be "eres hermosa."
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Lexi answered
Your're beautiful=)
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Kho Stephenie answered
Ni shi piao liang de in Chinese.
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Nadya Bean answered
Um I speak frecnh and its vous etes tres belle
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Lexi commented
Isnt it votre belle...? Sorry to but in but you know.=)
Nadya Bean
Nadya Bean commented
Noooooo the tres means your VERY beautifull. Anyways know im right. I can speak circles around you :P
Sydney NotTelling
Actually isn't it T'es Belle
Jimi La'Dawn Profile
Jimi La'Dawn answered
Votre belle (French)
Jon Cunningham Profile
Jon Cunningham answered
Umm... I speak fluent english, so how I say it is, "Your'e beautiful." Kinda tricky... But once you get it down, it comes in hand:D
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Janey answered
I'm learning Finnish right now to complement my other language skills and this translates as " Olet kaunis ".

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