What is problem statement in student information system?


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T The student information system is fully revealed in the section 1.1 on page 5 on the following website... www.scribd.com/doc/57766242/8/Problem-Statement

A problem statement defines a description of issues and problems that require dealing with by some form of team specializing in the solving of problems and other issues. Generally, the problem statement is what is handed over to the team before they get to work on solving the problem. Such statements usually cover such aspects as the following:

Define the problem itself and suggest reasons as to why a team is required?
The person or entity that is suffering with the problem, such as a customer or manager. It usually denotes the person who decides when the team has suggested a fair and useful tactic for solving the issue.

It usually suggests what form such a solution for the problem should be in. With this it also sets limitations on the project, and may also suggest the form itself, such as a software device, a written action plan, etc.

The student information system is a software application for schools, colleges and universities to manage student data. These system are capable of holding students' test scores, assessment scores etc through an electronic grade book.

They are also used to:
  • Hold records of the students' attendance
  • Track student schedules
  • Handling inquiries from students
  • Managing student health records
  • Enrolling new students
  • Maintaining discipline records
  • Managing any other records relevant to students

The systems vary in size. The size of the system is usually proportionate to the size of the school, college or university. This is because the number of students, and therefore records in the system, will be higher in a larger school, college or university as they are likely to have a large number of students.

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