Well I'm a 9 year old girl and just today I was at school.. But at lunch time I decided to skip so when I went home later on at 3:30 thinking my mom didn't find out well she did so right when I walked into the door my mom saw me and right away she?


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She only used her hand!!! You would have got the hairbrush in my house
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I really don’t believe in beating, but you must be displayed and every parent has a right to do as they see fit as long as you are not being abused and in this case I don’t think you were.  Your parents want to keep you from harm.  Now suppose someone picked you up in their car and took you somewhere where you would never see your family and friends again or worst kill you and your parents where under the impression that you were safe in school.  Can you image what grief they would feel, you must think before you act.  What you do does not only affect you, but it affects everyone you know.  Behave yourself and you will not get hit or punished.  Take care
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Ask her forgiveness for your misbehave
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Thats how I get them and I'm 12!! Just from mom though and yea on the bare.
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Youre exactly the right age to get them so you lern before entering the troublesome teenage years so your Mother did right
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Don't ditch I would do that but I hope you like an empty room cause everthing would be stripped bed and all
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Kicked your ass?  No, Just kidding.  I would have taken away your phone, your computer anything else you cherish for at least a week.

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