Sslc model question paper 2011 karnataka board?


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The Secondary School Leaving Certification Examination is held under the direction of the Karnataka State Board. This exam examines how well a student had progressed through school and how much they have learned.  If the exam is passed successfully, a student is awarded a certificate. Performance on this exam will weigh heavily as a deciding factor on whether the student will be allowed to attend a higher secondary school, so this exam is a crossroads event in the career of any student from the country of India.

The Karnataka SSLC is divided into several parts. The science exam is part of the test, and it is further sub-divided into a number of other subjects. Biology is one of the subjects in the science part of the exam, and physics and chemistry portions are also present so the student has to demonstrate they have a good grasp over several scientific subjects to pass the exam. The entire science portion of the exam consists of about fifty questions covering these three subjects. 

Another part of the examination relates to language skills, both spoken and written elements are included. Most children in this country are expected to know more than one language, so that is part of the exam as well. Knowledge of the history of the country as well as the world are also covered in depth. Other subjects cover general knowledge and logical thinking skills, skills that will serve a child for the rest of their lives.

The SSLC model question paper for 2011 covers the basics a student needs to move on to a higher level of education. Mastering this exam is the first step in a higher education for children in this country where education and jobs are more tied together than ever before with the United States outsourcing so many jobs here, and expect that trend to continue.
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You might get some help from this site, which has a lot of information about the Karnataka board. You should also be able to use this site to get in touch with someone who can give you more up to date information, as well as links to colleges, job information etc.

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