Ty ba exam 2011 timetable of ycmou?


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It is best to ask your tutor for your exam timetable a few months before you think the exam will be held. Ensure you plan and prepare well ahead of time for the exam so you are well informed and organized before the exam begins. This well help you feel calm and relaxed and perform to the best of your ability so you can achieve the best possible grade. It is not a good idea to get exam timetables from the internet unless it is from the official website of the exam governing body. This is because different institutions could hold the exam at different times. It is the same exam paper then it is unlikely to be on different days but it could possibly be at different times. If you get the necessary information directly from your tutor, it will definitely be correct and there will be no possibility you are told the wrong time. Most institutions will not allow a student to enter an exam if they are over an hour late and you may need to pay to re-sit the exam if you miss it. The re-sit may be a few months after the original exam date which can interfere with your studies.

YCMOU, or Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashta Open University, is a digital university in India and offers both online and offline initiatives but students will still have a personal tutor or a contact within the university who they can contact either via email, telephone or in person. YCMOU is an innovative university as it offers satellite based learning, video on demand, environmental awareness and mobile learning. They even have some jail inmate students and visually impaired students who can take advantage of the new educational opportunities available to them which include computer studies for the visually impaired.

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