That awkward moment when you walk into the wrong class! Ever had that?


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Hahaha oh my god yes !! I remember it was my first day of seventh grade. I specifically told my self I would NOT go to the wrong class. So I asked someone where math was and they pointed so I went to that class and sat down. Then while the teacher started talking I looked down and noticed there was a book titled LANGUAGE OF LITERATURE BOOK. Lol then I realized I was definitely NOT in math, I was in language arts. Then I stood in front of the classed, announced I was in the wrong class and walked out. So I went in a full circle trying to find math and finally realized Math was right next door to language arts. Thank you very much I hope you've enjoyed my story.
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Addilynn Addilynn
LOL i have..and haha tht happnens to me normally and im in year 11! (last year)...i walk into class and realise i gte my timetable mixed up and see a bunch of first years starin up at mee!..funny!
Jasmine Haha
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Hahaha that's funny
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Yeh I got into the wrong car years ago on the way to work,thought it was a friend wasnt till I put the seat belt on that I realized it was a bloke,could have been worse I suppose,
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Yes! In fact, do I got a story for you. I opened the wrong car door, when I was suppose to be going in my best friends dad's car. I saw a guy, and was like what? I was about to say, move over! Because I thought he was sitting by my bff, then I got in a lil bit and saw a baby. Finally, I jumped out and an said, oh my god, wrong car, drive Amber!!!
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I agree with Ray, its been well over 30 years but accidentally walked into a Arts class in college doing nude paintings and the room was full of girls, and the teacher caught me and made me pose for their paintings. It was the 2nd most fun class I had in college and had more dates afetr that than I could handle so one never knows what could happen when walking thru a closed door
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Arthur Wright
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The model that was supposed to be got sick so she didnt want to disappoint the class and I didnt want to disappoint all those future female artists and so I did the only honorable macho thing a guy could do, just grin and bare it
Arthur Wright
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Also the teacher was the best male model she had ever seen in all her years and that I could come back whenever I wanted to
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That is to funny. Way to go!!!
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Never walked into the wrong classroom.
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OH!! Lol. And even before you knew it, you first noticed the ridiculous stares of the people around you, whom you thought 5 seconds ago are your classmates. Hahaha!
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Lool obv yes! I went to art instead of science and a bunch of yr10s were staring at me! I was like miss, this arent the people I knw, miss was like I aint got you nw, its next lesson!!
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Yeah,several times,
how about the whole class of bored people looking at you from open an door while you pass fromthere
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Addilynn Addilynn
LOL yehhh! I feel sorry for soon as they hear someone they look up..and see a 5th year walk past..LOL..poor lil kids...8)

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