QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE..what is this? I will learn in my forecasting subject.Please explain...


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Qualitative and quantitative are two different things. When we talk about qualitative it derives from the root word quality which refers to the character of a person, place, or thing or it can also refer to the size, shape, color, and texture. On the other hand, quantitative comes from the root word quantity which relates to the number or amount of a thing, person, place and others. To help you learn more on the differences of these 2, below are some concepts about them.


  • Comes from the word quality.
  • It refers to descriptions. It answers to the questions like what is the color, what is the taste, or what does it look like?
  • In research, qualitative is something that can't be measured. They're simply descriptions based on what you see, hear, taste, or touch.
  • Qualitative though can't be measures can be absolutely observed. You use your senses to give descriptions of objects, places, people, events and the like. You can determine the outside appearance and overall beauty of something.


  • Derived from the root word quantity.
  • Quantitative consists of data which can be measured using the different units of measurement. It also involves numbers and calculations.
  • Quantitative data deals with the height, length, width, distance, weight, time, and anything that includes numbers.

In research, qualitative and quantitative data or information are vital. You need to have both of them if you want to succeed in your research. Whatever your objective is, you can make the results of your research more interesting and factual by using both qualitative and quantitative data. 

You can look for both qualitative and quantitative data by using the right tools. You can make use of graphs, tables, narrative reports, and many more.

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