Pls. Help with math problem. Divide. 4 divided by 2 1/4 divided by 3 =? Do not have a clue how to solve this. Can you please help? Thanks.


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A simplified ratio is a ratio of two fractions; unless 31.4 and 100 are part of fractions, you will not be able to create a proper simplified ratio equation. In simplified ratio calculation, the bottom part of each fraction is studies, in order to create a common denominator that converts fractions to whole numbers. The common denominator must be a number that each bottom element of the fraction can divide into.

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Most math textbooks will feature detailed information about how to perform basic, intermediate, and advanced math processes, including the calculation of simplified ratios. By studying the initial concept behind the construction of a simplified ratio, it's possible to make the whole process of doing these equations more understandable. Basically, a ratio is a comparison of two numbers, according to pre-specified criteria, and every ratio will represent a numerical relationship between two elements.

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Ratios may be used in many fields, such as engineering, science, and chemistry (among many others). While some people have a difficult time solving equations, such as simplified ratios, others are able to grasp the concepts easily. However, even people who don't have innate talent in mathematics can improve their skills with dedicated study, and the help of math teachers or experts.

Getting the hang of working out simplified ratios may be easier if you find handy online calculators that do the work for you. While it is difficult to find online calculators for the simplified ratio process, there are many online calculators for basic ratio calculation. In time, there may be a place you can visit online, to instantly calculate your equation based on a specific pair of fractions. Some advanced, handheld calculators may also be programmed to work out simplified ratios, and programs such as Excel may also be used to do these mathematical problems.

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