Spelling, grammar and punctuation seem to be a lost art among this present generation, it seems. What do you think?


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I hate it when people stereotype I'm sorry but we can spell , we just use abbreiviations ,8(.....
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Joseph Michael Wasik
Hate is a very strong word, even for those who may steriotype.
millicent williams
Glad to see you back dear,where have you been Dublin or Sligo? Lol ha ha ha
Addilynn All Star
Both! 8)...went to see shane in Sligo and then Dublin to see the rest of the lads! They even gave me thier autograph and asked to dine out somewhere! 8)
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It's the rising popularity of the mobile phone, online chatting and text messaging which has given rise to " text speak" which is a shorthand abbreviated version of the English language.Ease of use, speed and convenience seem to be more important than actual correct use of grammar and punctuation.Something which will come back to haunt the younger generation when they enter the workplace for example.
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I think you may be right, but then the current generation has not had the benefit of the education that was given some years back when phonics, grammar, spelling and reading were taught. They also do not have my 8th grade English teacher from years ago: Mrs. Huey. Lol. She brooked NO inaccuracies!
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Callum Barnes answered
Teenagers can all speak properly with correct grammar and punctuation. It has recently become an area to correct each other on. Dialect is a different area to how someone may write in an English exam.
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Lianna Lins answered
I'm afraid it's true. Technology seems to be a tool for greater evil, I reckon. Most of the kids my age all just write like they talk (or worse) and abbreviate everything. Spell check and the like make us lazy and hurried when we write. But that's just how kids are these days, like how in the 1950's people said, "Golly, gee whiz!" and talked differently. I personally try to always have perfect punctuation and grammar (save for some elongated vowels when I'm excited, hehe) but that's just me being a freak =)  Note to kids: Words are way more important that you could imagine. Use them wisely.
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Peggy Burtwell answered
Things move so fast for this generation - they have other things on their minds than punctuation, grammer and the funny thing
  is they all understand each other!
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Not really , they are all clever its just that we are more modernised now so I guess with all this new technology , some people get somewhat misleaded while others stay on top of it all! Just because you are an adult all so clever does not mean that these guys are dumb  , they know their stuff don't worry about that.
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Well with our tech y do we need them in the old days it was important because people wouldn't be able to understand with out it but now people can so theres really no point to it anymore
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I hate that! It's all to do with technology and a lot of my friends do it, however, I still manage to keep my grammatical and spelling errors to a minimum!

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