What is the importance of geometry as a subject?


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Geometry is important as a subject as it teaches students about shapes, sizes and proportions, which are fundamental to the study of mathematics as a whole. In the US, it isn't uncommon for a whole class in a school timetable to be dedicated to the study of geometry. Geometry is particularly relevant in the fields of architecture and design.

Geometry should be included in all school curriculum to provide young people with a broad understanding of mathematics. Indeed, it is introduced as early on as kindergarten class when children learn about the names and structures of different shapes. Study of geometry can continue up to and beyond the age of 18, when issues such as the center of gravity and the manipulation of complex vectors are discussed.

  • The origin of mathematical geometry

Geometry is one of the oldest branches of mathematics, believed to have first been used in the 3rd century BC by the Greek mathematician Euclid. Archimedes, another infamous Greek mathematician, built on his work to develop methods of calculating volumes and areas, which are now used in modern calculus.

In ancient times, geometry was widely used to investigate the night sky. Geometers - astronomers who used geometry in their studies - calculated distances and attempted to work out where the planets and stars were in proportion to each other.

  • Pythagorean Theorem

Pythagorean theorem, commonly known as simply 'Pythagoras', is a geometric mathematical method now practiced by the majority of high school students. The initial idea of Pythagorean Theorem is very straightforward, despite how complex the working can get in some cases.

It is used in relation to right-angled triangles: The squares of the two shorter sides of the triangle add to equal the square on the longest side. If you known the lengths of two sides of a triangle, you can use Pythagorean Theorem to work out the length of the other side using basic calculus.
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Believe it or not, there will come a day in your future when you will positively use at least one thing you learned in geometry. I hated geometry in school, and was never satisfied when teachers tried to tell me all of the possible applications. But they were right, and it is very useful. Plus, if you just know a few simple formulas, everyone will be impressed when you are the only one who can figure out the answer to the issue at hand.
Now get back to your homework.
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GEoMetRy MeaNs EverYthiNg

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