Who is rufino lirag?


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  • Who Rufino Lirag?
Dr. Rufino C. Lirag, Jr. Is a Professor at the University of  the Philippines. He is an academic working in the Department of Chemical Engineering and is best known for his biochemical studies on the cow-pea (a widely cultivated crop found across the world). Specifically his work on improving the Cow-pea's nutritional and post harvest disease resistance.

  • What is Biochemistry?
Dr Lirag's area of expertise, biochemistry, also known as biological chemistry, involves the study of chemical processes amongst all living things.

Biological chemistry is what controls all the Earth's organisms. Focusing upon the understanding of how biological molecules interact with living cells, it allows scientists such as Dr Lirag to understand the nature of all life.

As a discipline, biochemistry deals with the functions and structures of cells and the components that make them, for example proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acid, lipids and bio-molecules.

It is an important part of science due to the substantial area that it covers including, botany and medicine.

  • Further information
The University of the Philippines (U.P.) is the country's national university. Founded in 1908, it currently provides students with the largest number of degree courses in the country, and has educated seven of the last 15 philippine presidents.

For further information on the University of the Philippines you can visit the official website at - www.upd.edu.ph/

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