What is an extended entity-relationship diagram notation?


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This type of entity-relationship diagram is used to indicate the layout of a database. The notations added to this type of extended entity-relationship are used to indicate changes to an existing layout. Often, these types of schematic layouts are created using software applications, such as SmartDraw or CorelDraw. The logistics of an extended entity-relationship diagram can then be shared, refined, and analyzed by the group administrating, designing, or maintaining the database.

  • How to learn more

Learning how to create databases falls under the realm of computer science, and it can get very complicated indeed. In order to develop databases, and then map them out through entity-relationship diagram notations, a person must be fluent in computer languages that are used to create databases from scratch. However, there are ways to create databases using intuitive software packages, such as the powerful Microsoft Project platform.

  • Being a programmer is not necessary

Microsoft Project allows users to create their own databases, and access the information they've entered using functions known as queries. Microsoft Project also contains other valuable functions, such as timelines for projects, and many tracking features for supplies, services, and other important facets of project management. Users of Microsoft Project don't have to be programmers, and diagrams of the logistics of a project can be mapped out easily, with the help of the program.

They are many online tutorials that feature diagrams related to the logistics of computer databases. Exploring the resources that are already available on the World Wide Web can be a great way to master the principles of entity-relationship diagram notations, as well as other computer-science and computer programming skills. The best notations will be accurate and complete; changing things to suit changes in the databases' structure should also be a possibility. A flexible, digital diagram is a helpful tool that can be used for teaching, training, and analyzing information about a computer database.

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