Who is offernig mass communication best in pakistan?


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There are actually many universities and colleges in Pakistan that run mass communication or journalism courses, and to say which is best is really down to personal opinion and preference.

Some of the most established and respected mass communication courses currently available in Pakistan are at the following institutes:

  • University of the Punjab Lahore
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University
  • Multan Islamia University
  • Bahawalpur Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad
  • What to consider when choosing where to study
Of course the reputation of the course is fundamental to where you may pick to study, however there are certainly a few other factors worth considering before making your final decision. Firstly it is important to think about distance. How far is the university or college from your family home? Will it take a long time to travel between the two and will this be at great expense?

When people go to university it is usually the first time they have left home and lived on their own or with friends. Some may find the transition hard and so will want to pop back to their family home quite often; this can obviously be hard to do if it is situated on the other side of the country.

Another important factor to consider is how expensive is the city that the university is situated in. If the rent is really high then this could massively cut into your budget and you may find going to a less popular city to study could save you a lot of money.

With mass communication and journalism courses you also have to consider where your eventual work placements will be. If you head to a big city university then you may have lots of options of work, however if you are based in a smaller city or even town then you may find it difficult to get a suitable work placement or find a permanent job there after graduation.

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