What have you undertaken or done in the last year or two that has nothing to do with academic work?


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John answered
Well not in the last 2 years ,but recently I helped a guy restore a late 60's camaro back to showroom condition. And for fun a workout I took down a couple trees and split it by hand into fire- wood. I have no idea how people did this for a living before power tools were invented. No wonder a lot of them died young.it was quite a workout. I cut and split about two chords of wood.I will never do that again. : ). Oh, I did lose almost 80 pounds of fat/ weight by exercising/walking 3-4 miles a day over a four month period of time .
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catherine adams answered
Hi Edgar, I've done voluntary work, working with people who are vulnerable, and helping them to settle and find some level of living in everyday life, with which they can cope. In fact when I worked in healthcare, I combined research and also working with clients, distressed, depressed and suffering for one reason or another. Academic work - research, learning something new is a constant, and for me goes hand-in-hand with what is practical to apply to a problem, or work one out with an aim to help others.
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Natalie Jean answered
I've learned how to play the guitar
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Hugh Farrell answered
Rugby, bomhran, started boarding school

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