How can you tell when it is too late for someone to succeed academically and in the real world?


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It is never really too late to make a success of one's life or career. With a little hard work and a lot of commitment, anything is possible, even later in life. The only time it is too late is when a person simply gives up.

Below are some examples of what we mean.

  • Michael S.
Michael is someone we know. He was a lazy little good-for-nothing as a child, hated anything that looked remotely like work and left school with no qualifications.

He worked as a laborer on building sites for years, never lasting long in any one job. His first marriage failed miserably because of this. At the age of 32 or so, he met Gaby, his second wife, and decided to change.

He went to college, got some qualifications and worked hard. Today, he runs his own, very successful building company; he has been married for 20 years to Gaby; they have two great sons, who are both learning the trade, a beautiful home and two nice cars. It is never too late.

  • Albert K.
Albert had worked for the same company for 17 years. He had started as a laborer and worked his way up through the ranks, ending up us a technical adviser in a leading position. He did, however, not have qualifications for the work he did so well.

At the age of 42, he was told that someone with qualifications would be taking his job. Refusing to be thrown onto the scrapheap, Albert went to get the qualifications he needed. He finished the final exam at the top of the class, at the age of 45.

He did in fact do so well, the college asked him to stay and work for them as a tutor. It is never too late.
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When they quit on themselves and don't care about school or learning anymore
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When they're dead...otherwise sky's the limit!
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Its NEVER too late , never! It aint over till its all over!
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When they say it is if they give up its time for you to give up
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My friend never said she gives up.. She says she is focused on school but she is not when she is actually focused on the boyfriend.
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Why they can't be bothered any more and there is no point trying to help them if you have tried its up to them what they do

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