Im in 8th grade and im stressed. I am in highschoolcredit classes but im not a nerd. I have a social life too! I have sports practice 3 hours a night. Plus 2 hours or more of homework! I cant drop out of any classes. Please help im 13?


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Then maybe change that sport class to something you enjoy doing  , it can still be a sport but one you may enjoy much more? And try doing all your homework on Thurday and Friday so you have the weekend to yourself (if you don't already) , and try and do some of your homework at school in the library , at lunch times , or reduce the hours of your sports classes too 2 hours? 8)
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John McCann answered
Then be a geek. Super smart and having a social life! Two hours of homework a night is not excessive. Three hours of sports practice may be. Balance and prioritize.

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