What is your opinion of Nirvana, Tool, and Rage Against the Machine?


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The thing I like most about all three bands is that they defy boundaries and almost form a genre in themselves.

What do the bands Nirvana, Tool and Rage Against the Machine have in common?

Maybe one way to explain why I think these three bands are so great is by looking at what they have in common.

The most obvious thing is that they were all arguably at the peak of their musical careers when I was going through high school in the nineties.

This means that I have a personal connection with their music that could only be fostered through the teen-angst and melodrama of high-school.

It could even be suggested that all three acts almost cater to this age group. Nirvana, especially, resonated with teenagers through anthems like Smells Like Teen Spirit and All Apologies.

Nirvana, Tool, RATM: Icons of a generation

Looking back at the careers of all three bands, another thing I'd say they all had in common was the ability to transcend music and become iconic for their sound, lyrics, style, politics, and image.

The sheer effect Nirvana had on the grunge scene is enough to have cemented their place in some sort of musical hall of fame, but the fact that their album 'Nevermind' is pretty much synonymous with a whole generation of music fans pretty much sums up the effect the band had, and is still having.

Tool are one of those bands that could have, in my opinion, easily gone under the radar. They shun publicity and are notoriously private, and their long and complicated musical compositions are hardly radio-friendly pop ballads. Yet somehow they have become a household name in the alternative music scene.

When it comes to Rage Against the Machine, I remember playing their record Battle of Los Angeles non-stop when I was a teenager. Their blend of rap and rock wasn't stylistically ground-breaking, but the passion and rebellious nature that came across in the songs won them a lot more credibility and respect them contemporaries like Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock.

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I love all three bands for their music, lyrics and in the case of Tool, for their superb art-rock videos.

Nirvana influenced grunge and RATM influenced rap rock and these bands are one of a select few who consistently put out great music.

Critics of Tool might say they're hard to "get into", but for me that's part of the attraction.
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Steve Robinson answered
Tool and Rage against the Machine are excellent bands... Nirvana came and went with the Seattle grunge scene.  I think Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are far better.

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