Why do people try and use big words when there is a much simpler word to use. Is it to appear smart? I'm shocked at some of these peoples answers. Using big words...Answer my question as if your talking to a friend, not your PO or a cop..Lmao


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It's part of my job to write up and conduct presentations for senior managers or boards of directors.So it's important to create as professional and impressive work as possible to achieve it.There's nothing wrong with a little education or being able to express yourself in a cogent and articulate way.
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Simple Word Usage, requires greater amounts of self esteem to choose simpler words while demonstrating context.

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But big words are my stock in trade - I eat a dictionary for breakfast every day.
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Makes you sound smart, making a group of people more prone to follow you. Of course on the other hand you've got guys like Ron Paul who really don't seem to use big words and are still popular.
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I try to keep my answers as short and to the point as I can, the only thing that perhaps holds me back is that I have a tendancie to ramble a lot, and there is no harm to use big words to sound inteligent, its even better if you can spell them correctly, I would love to seriously improve my spelling but unfortunatly Ray has eaten all of the dictionarys LOL

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