How Did The feudal system help william (the king of england from 1066) control england ? PLzzzzzzz help i need it 4 homework !


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Under the feudal system it gave farmers pieces of land to work for growing crops and raising cattle.They paid rent for this to the King which gave him money to increase and maintain his Army and resources to protect the farmers and their land.By looking after the farmers, he could count on their loyalty and support.
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Wrong answer above!  The Saxons already had lands of their own,which in many cases William took and gave to his followers to reward them for their aid in the Conquest.  They taxed the Saxons, and paid tithes to the King (William).  William also had the Doomsday Book done up, which  gave him the total wealth of the Saxon population on paper, so he could decide who to tax and how much.  His barons and knights ruled over the Saxons with an iron fist, and it took years before the country was totally pacified because of all the revolts.

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