I'm 20 years old, I've got a girlfriend and lots of friends. I'm a popular guy and at university. I feel like I should be enjoying life...but I'm not. I HAVE NO MOTIVATION. I've become VERY lazy. In a rut. What's WRONG WITH ME?


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Betty Cheng answered
Something inside is calling... Life is more than what you have. Life is about true happiness within yourself. Only then, every thing or one around you makes sense or feels whole.

I believe you are caught up with your social life and now it's time for you to take a break... Where's your soul?

Your mind knows what it wants and it's there. Your heart found more than you can ask for in company. Yet, your soul is not content.

You got to balance all 3 (Mind, Heart, and Soul) to feel alive, real, or on earth.

Major things I need to point out --- Are you stressed? Depressed? Living a nonchalant world for too long? Feeling a need of change? Maybe you need inspiration to "motivate" your existence, yeah?

Some actions I advise you to do:

1. Write in a journal (or notebook - whatever you want to call it) to express yourself
2. Listen to music (rock to classical) and feel the beat
3. Dance or pump up some sweat at the gym, park, or in your room (negative energy has to go out somewhere)
4. Paint, draw, write poetry, or pick up a "crafty" hobby
5. Pick up some "volunteer" work around your community (the best Vitamin C secret)

And the positive list goes on... As long as you're active and doing something right, that feels right, your soul will come back. And when you have your soul, only then can you feel at ease, moreover whole.

It truly sounds like you're a good person. Someone who gives... But maybe it's time for you to give yourself a nice break. Rejuvenate. You're only 20 yrs old yet already sounding like a 35 yrs old man. =) Find yourself... In good time you'll know what to do.

Good luck and I wish the best for you on this soul - searching journey. Peace.
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Martin Garret answered

There is definitely something wrong with you. I guess that you need to try new things in your and maybe one of those things will motivate you for further growth in your life. A lot of people have no friends and have a lack of experience in dating as well, so you're a lucky man. By the way, for those who interested in dating, I would suggest to read this article. I'm sure that you will find it interesting and useful.

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Nothing a good road trip won't cure, to clear your head and realize that the grass in not greener on the other side. The happiest people in the world don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just know how to make the best of everything they have. You've obviously grown up too fast and you're at a point where you're thinking is this all there is.  Maturity will help you accept what you have knowing that this may be it so deal with it and make the best of it you can. This is where the road trip would do wonders to get back into a groove and quit living a fast lane life that isn't really you.
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You sound a bit depressed, there doesn't always need to be an obvious reason for depression, you should think about going to the doctor's.

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