Long Division, What Is 266 Divided By 7? Please Show The Method.


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Ok. You'll have to follow me closely on this one, for it might be hard to explain without a piece of paper and a pencil. You might want to write this as I explain.                                                                                                                                     266/7 would go like this:         Draw your little bracket, or whatever its called, that goes around the 266, and place the 7 to the left side of the bracket. Since 2 is the first digit of the number we are dividing into, (266), and 7 CANNOT go into 2, you add the next digit in the number. So now instead of dividing 7 into 2, you divide 7 into 26.                            7 goes into 26 three times, (7x3=21), so you write the 3 above the first 6 in 266, NOT above the 2, because you used both digits to divide 7 into. Now, this step is not finished, because you must write 21 (7x3=21) directly below the 26. Draw a line under the 21, and subtract. 26-21=5. None of the numbers written so far should be in the last 6's column (266). Now bring down the last six, and place it directly beside (on the right) the five.                                               Now, you are dividing 56 by 7. 56/7=8. Therefore, you place your answer to that (8) directly above the 6 (above the bracket) next to the 3. This step is not finished because you must write 56 ( which is your answer, 8x7=56) below the only other 56. Now you subtract. 56-56=0. So you have no remainder or fraction, because it equals 0. Your answer to 266/7 should now be above the bracket. You should have got 38 as your answer.                     To check this, you simply multiply: 38x7=266.     Hopefully that helped you.
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266 divided by 7 is 8643652 haha
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