What Is The Theme Of The Essay "Super" Explain.


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In the essay, the unknown author criticizes the excessive use of word "Super" with the names of articles found in markets. There are super soaps, super cigarettes, super chocolates, and super fans and so on and so forth. Here lies the irony of the situation, the word super means something superior but it is given to the things which are inferior in quality. A super product is as bad as an ordinary one. It is a dirty trick which is being played upon poor customers.

The theme of the essay is the misuse of the word "Super" by clever businessmen. The writer ridicules. this practice saying that the word super has lost all its goods meanings and effect. There is another point of irony in it. This prefix" Super" is used for things and not for the men who make them. Obviously super things can be made only by super men, the writer ironically remarks that the prefix "Super" has become so common and warns out that it does not produced any effect. If we cannot help using a prefix, we must find a new one.

The essay contains a moral. Improper words or prefixes should not be used for false prestige or profiteering words are as noble as men. They should not be misused for petty ends.
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