In Mummification, Was The Brain Really Extracted Through The Nose?


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Yes. Sometimes the brain was extracted through the nose in the mummification process. However, this was done only with the rich people. The well-known method of mummification where not only the brain, but also all other inner organs were carefully removed, was so expensive that only the upper classes were able to afford it. With those who had less money to spend, cedar oil was squirted into all the natural openings of the human body, which dissolved the inner organs. The bodies of the poor people, however, were simply laid in a bath containing a solution of salt or natron (soda) to dry out.

So, it is true that the actual brain was extracted from the dead body of a rich person in the mummification process. All other body parts were also extracted in the process. This procedure was only done for rich people. It was all part of the burial rituals of Ancient Egypt.

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